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I agree with Sandberg that we, as women, can often sabotage ourselves before we’ve even had a chance to have a proper go at our careers. Sandberg does consider the reasons why we sometimes don’t get where we should be going, and she acknowledges the pull that family responsibilities have on our lives.

One of her solutions is to make sure that we marry the right person in the first place, someone who is happy to put our careers on the same priority level as their own – or even higher. I am fortunate to have a husband who fully supports my career, but that doesn’t mean that I get to do what I want, when I want it. Childcare responsibilities and family time mean that I have made choices that others may not agree with.

When I think about women who try to do as much as they can, Kirstie Allsopp is the name that first comes to mind ( Not because I love her property shows, though they are a bit of a guilty pleasure – particularly when she is trying to enlighten the poor souls who have entrusted their house search to her on the realities of their location and budget.  Nor is it because she manages to have a high profile career as well as a full family life, though she clearly has both of those. No, I think of Kirstie Allsopp because she does all of that – and she’s not perfect. She dresses well, but she has a normal figure for a woman in her early forties; she openly acknowledges that she doesn’t have unlimited energy, and that she gets things done by having a lot of help (and for that, read “staff”). To top it all off, she appears to be able to have a really good laugh – including at her own expense.  I find it all a bit more appealing than Ms Sandberg’s well-meaning, but rather earnest, super-achieving.

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