A cut above the rest

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What is it about hairdressers that we can’t be honest with them? “Is that ok for you, madam?” we’re asked. “Oh yes, that’s perfect, just lovely,” we reply, but is it? Is it really? Actually, no, it’s not but we don’t say that. Instead, we run home, £30 or £40 lighter, and re-do our new ‘do’! Sound familiar? Granted, the actual ‘haircut’ is usually fine; it’s just the styling that sometimes seems to be the problem. Do we articulate our wishes in that department clearly enough? Is there a “lovely-locks-lingo” we should get to know? Up until 2011, I had been using the same hairdresser for years. I can remember my first appointment with her; she asked me to come into the salon 20 minutes early and we chatted about my hair, my lifestyle and how much time I devote to sprucing up my tresses. I have very fine hair and she understood why I preferred certain styles and gave me advice on products to aid my limp locks; it was important to her that I was happy and that made me feel important. Consequently, I went back to her time after time so, as much as it was good for me, it was good for her and the salon too. Sadly, she moved away and I’ve been combing Belfast, and its environs, ever since to find someone who actually wants to learn how to flick my bangs! I’m now on my umpteenth new salon, and I’m very disheartened. Don’t get me wrong, they are all lovely girls and they seem to know what they’re doing but it generally seems to be about what ‘they’ think I should have rather than getting to know what ‘I’ want. But I’m not about to curl up and dye just yet. I shall keep going until I find that special someone who may be on the fringe, but who will highlight my life by being a cut above the rest …


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