A summer of craft and creativity

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Sunshine, heat, craft, design and inspirational creativity are my binding memories of Summer 2013.

The season kicked off with a long overdue return visit to the University of Ulster Summer Exhibition. It's been a while and the faded memory of past exhibitions served to heighten the impact of the superb work on exhibit.  Always a delight to find new works from the emergent jewellers, ceramicists, sculptures and painters.  Indeed, lots of discipline was  required not to place a lot of red dots.  But it was the digital media group that made the most profound impression on me.  I felt a really strong indicator of the strength and valuable future ahead for our creative technologies.

A  week later I discovered the Craft and Design Centre, in Manchester's Northern Quarter, where many of their design graduates sell their wares.  Silversmiths, artisan fashion designers, and beautiful leather goods designer-makers. Would love to hold a photo shoot there, so tested it out - see the pic.

August saw Craft Month, and I had the fortune to attend a series of workshops and meet a number of inspirational maker-designers. All are aspiring to share their beautiful craft pieces with the world through 'new media'. Look out for new delights and social media conversations.

There are moments when youjust  have to stop and have a chat. One such treasured moment was when I was enticed into The Textile Studio.. Reminded me of why I started my design journey. How  I would love to have time to make more and use lots of the treats on display in this little gem on the Sandown Road, Belfast.

So lots of memories from my summer of creative inspiration, among those to thank  -



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