5 things you should know about Attune

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We all approach life and work with certain values and priorities. These are five of ours.

  1. We are committed to local design.  The current Attune collection was conceived and designed in Northern Ireland.
  2. We are committed to local manufacturing. We source our cutting edge fabric ingredient, TENCEL, from its manufacturer (Lenzing) in Austria. It is then woven with other fabrics, dyed and made up into garments in Leicester. The majority of these activities are undertaken by a family-run company called Montreux and we’ll tell you more about them in the following weeks.
  3. We are committed to sourcing locally for other services too – design, marketing, IT and support tasks are located in Britain and Ireland.
  4. We are already working on new products. These, too, will be manufactured locally, supporting local businesses, building on the skills which already exist in our community.
  5. We belong to Make it British – check out their website and useful directories at www.makeitbritish.co.uk.



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