Changed times

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I could do it for hours. And hours. I was a sleek size ten and everything I tried on fitted me – or at least I thought it did. (A quick peruse through old photographs would suggest that it wasn’t as easy to get it right as I thought it was…)

So when did it all get so difficult? Well, not being a size ten anymore hasn’t helped, though it isn’t size alone. I am a creature of habit, and freely confess that I am still drawn to the shapes that once (mostly) suited me. Which is fine, but I am no longer the same shape. I have only gone up one size – well, maybe two depending on the brand – but it is the change of shape which has me flummoxed and discombobulated.  There are other incentives to change too – I once lived in Converse trainers (and I mean as recently as a year ago). When my teenage daughter is also wearing the same shoes I see it as a good thing. She sees it as the ultimate embarrassment. I have changed to Skechers.

It’s not all bad news. This change, although it has taken me far longer than it should have to acknowledge, has forced me to branch out. Try out new brands. Experiment with different shapes and textures. And most of all, significantly reduce the amount of black, grey and navy in my wardrobe and look for colour.

How has your experience of shopping changed? Are you still able to shop in the same shops or are you embracing something new? We’d love to hear from you …


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