Dressing your work-life balance with the Black & Silks

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These days it seems that everyone is forever striving for the fantasy of “work-life balance”.

In a world of unceasing deadlines, relentless familial and social commitments, as well as carving out the much-needed ‘Me Time’, we are constantly searching for timesavers so we can make the most of what matters most to us.

With this mentality, we set out to offer a style solution to efficiency by making it the heart of the design ethos of our latest collection the Black & Silks. Everything from the steadfast colour palettes to elegant minimalist shaping works with the wearer for swift transitions between work environments to the social scene.

In line with our mantra to provide ‘Fashion That Works With You’, we made sure that the Black & Silks collection retained our beloved attributes of breathability and comfort. As you dash from meeting to school run, our stylish smart range helps balance your body temperature to keep you feeling confident whatever life throws your way.

That said, your outfit is but only one ingredient in the work-life balance recipe. We’ve put together a few our favourite tips that we find helpful in the design of our day-to-day life:

1.     Prioritise Self-Indulgence

Pledge to yourself to set aside a portion of the day to spend in your own company. It can be as minimal as a quiet morning ritual of steadying your mind over a cup of coffee before the day properly begins, or as lavish as treating yourself to evening bubble baths accompanied by the works of candles, vino and music. Allocating time to look after yourself is a proven way to beat stress and enhance your creativity and responsiveness in other elements of your life.

2.     Befriend Technology

Ordering groceries online, online banking, fitness trackers… digital is definitely the way to go for self-organisation. Download those shopping apps and buy your birthday presents on the bus; digest the latest business updates as you wait in line for your lunch order; heck even browse and book your next spa appointment while waiting for after-schools club to finish.  Embracing electronics can transform you into the ultimate multi-tasker, leaving you time to properly switch during your YOU-time.

3.     Say Yes to No

It can be easy to be a people pleaser or to think you are a superhero who can do it all but let’s face facts, we can’t. The key to seeking out that work-life balance, is to also balance Yes and No in your life. Saying “No” at work may prove challenging but it’s more about the way you say it. Explain to the powers-that-be or to your team the strife of your existing workload and see if the tasks can be shared evenly. In your personal life, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself from invites, friends and family will likely put your well-being first, so if you need to limit the number of outings each month to add a bit more stability to your life then kindly decline! 


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