Holiday Weekend – layer up while bracing the great out doors

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~~So Spring is here and the first holiday weekend of the season.  Always a great reason for dressing up in our house, not, like Judy Garland  for the Easter Parade but certainly we often had new ‘bonnets’. 
Ready for Sunday with eggs boiled, painted and ready to roll?  Painting and rolling eggs is a great tradition in my family and brings back many memories of picnics in the sunshine ever present in our youth.  Fondest memory is  the year my creative sister and Attune muse produced personalised eggs for my siblings and daughters, my scooter riding brother’s resplendent in its helmet.  Sorry I have no photos to share.
Another, more recent tradition is the Ballyliffin Coastal Challenge on Saturday afternoon. In its 6th year, this 10 mile race hugs the Donegal coastline. Steep climbs are rewarded by views of Atlantic waves rolling in and the final excruciating 2 miles cross the sands of Pollen Bay.  We wear our Attune Marie Curie Tee shirts which protect against the winds while the Tencel  reliably wicking away.  Sharing this picture of Team Attune completing the Paris Half Marathon two years ago a couple of weeks before producing BPs in the Coastal Challenge – not sure we are that well prepared this year after the recent inclement weather.
So not expecting record breaking temperatures this weekend, we are bringing our Polo necks and wraps with us.  We will be keeping  to the layers while we get out and about over the holiday - enjoy


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