How does your garden grow?

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potato field

Do you like gardening? I mean, in a proper ‘getting your hands dirty’ sort of way?

There are, of course, other ways. I like gardening in the ‘sitting in my house looking out at green’ sort of ways. It has inspired me to many gardening activities. Watching Monty Don, for example. That’s a great gardening activity I can do for hours.

I also like looking at seed catalogues, ordering plants and taking out a subscription to Gardener’s World. It all seems such a lovely hobby, enhanced by the fact that I am also shopping at the same time. 

Three years ago, we moved from the town to the countryside, and with that move our garden increased significantly in size. I had visions of rose gardens, and even had a fantasy about a small orchard.

And then reality struck. We live in quite an exposed area, so only the hardiest of shrubs survive. My beautiful lavender planter – with five different varieties planted out (just to show how ‘good’ I am at this malarkey) – was reduced to a shrivelled mess after only one winter. The locals thankfully, were friendly and helpful. When we first moved in, neighbours called in with bags of freshly picked peas, broad beans and potatoes. We took their advice on what to plant and what would work.

We now have potatoes planted – last year we had enough to last us until March. This year, him indoors is experimenting with heritage varieties and the locals are coming to him for advice. Although potatoes aren’t as pretty as the rose garden I had envisaged, they are just as satisfying -  maybe more!

What do you grow? Do you plant flowers, veg or a mixture of both? Or have you gone for the minimalist paved approach? Let us know what you do!


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