Knot Front Dress featured in same breath as the amazing Angelina Jolie

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Weren’t we delighted to get a message through Facebook that our fab Knot Front Dress
was mentioned by the super blogger frumpytofunky    Even more pleased when this was followed by the feature on MSN
The blog post celebrated the elegance of Angelina Jolie while mentioning her recent critical decision to have surgery to remove her ovaries.  A huge decision for any women to make, we know Angelina made this decision so her children wouldn’t, like her, lose their mother prematurely. 
So many women, like Angelina face the consequences of early menopause induced by surgery.  Overnight symptoms start that are not easily treated – flushing/flashes, tiredness, memory impairment, loss of  confidence and mood swings and longer-term consequences for cardiovascular and bone health. 
While we are unable to deal with clinical issues, Attune aims to help with confidence and comfort - bringing you a collection of clothes that are elegantly styled and only use fabrics that feel soft, drape beautiful and proven by us to work – helping control temperature swings and moisture (no elegant way to say sweats).
Attune celebrates women who inspire.  Women like Angelina and the millions of others who look after their children, parents and careers while they give back to society through their charitable works.  They also have many other interests and keep themselves as fit and healthy as possible.
We are a small design house and our working hard to extend our range and would love your feedback.  If you would like to tell us your story or drop us a blog, please do.


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