Making the Black & Silks work for you

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At Attune, our design mantra is to create fashion that works with you.

At Attune, our design mantra is to create fashion that works with you. At a practical level our clever choice of botanical textiles, such as Tencel and bamboo, enables our clothes to sync (so to speak) with the body’s temperature and enhance breathability. But with our new Black & Silks collection, we took this premise one step further by fashioning a stylish selection of clothing that would further make your life that little bit easier.

As well as keeping you comfortable, the blend of modern minimalism and classicism of the Black & Silks range provides the wearer with a failsafe solution to everyday dressing. We’ve put together a few ways that you can make pieces from the Black & Silks collection work for you…

A Black Canvas

Often considered as the shade of the starting point, a blank canvas doesn’t have to mean a white canvas. Using black as the foundation of your outfit enables you add your own signature embellishments. Two of our black pieces: the Smoking Jacket and our wide-leg trousers can be easily customised by adding a slogan tee or colourful accessories to align perfectly with your signature style.

Day to Night Transitions

We’ve seen a slow demise of the hype surrounding the Friday night. With restaurants and going-out spots just a jaunt away from cosmopolitan workplaces, the prevailing mindset is “why wait for the weekend?” and we find ourselves increasingly needing to be ready for impromptu after-work socialising. With never-ending to-do-lists, the modern woman needs to pack for work as lightly as possible and this means no extra change of clothes. Enter the Black & Silks. Our new range of chameleon dresses and tops are suitable all-day, so you can effortlessly stroll from boardroom to bar.

Timing is everything

We’re not economists but we’ve heard that ‘time is the new currency’ and we are all trying to find ways to save this precious commodity. Thanks to its timeless style, our Black & Silks collection provides faithful go-to staples for your everyday wardrobe. Whether you’re presenting in front of professional peers or darting from different pick-up points as mum’s taxi, our pieces will give you one less thing to think about as you tackle your busy agenda.  


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