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ballet wrap

I think it’s time, don’t you?

Time for us to stop dancing around the subject.  Time to stop using wonderful euphemisms about temperature control and getting ‘hot under the collar’.

We know that Attune clothes are great under any circumstances – I would have loved to have been wearing them when I worked in a new, classy, glass-fronted office. I was leaving a (very) cold house to commute to a city some distance away and then walk for a mile (which warmed me up considerably) to sit at my desk in an  air-conditioned office (think pleasantly chilled) only to have my temperature race when the sun – on one of its occasional outings – shone brightly on our floor-to-ceiling windows. Attune would have been perfect for such occasions.

But we have skirted around the most obvious advantage to wearing Attune clothes. When I have described the Attune collection to other women, they instantly know what I am talking about.  One colleague said “oh, I see, clothes for when you are ‘having a moment’”.  So I am outing us – these clothes are perfect for when you are a having a menopause moment. A hot flush. Or, as one US blogger has put it, when it’s all gone a bit peri como.

It’s not just time that we revealed our identity. It’s also time that you - as successful, busy women - have clothes that can help you keep on living those great lives. Clothes that will help you cool down quickly without feeling rebound chilliness, clothes that will dry quickly if you have experienced a hot flush, and clothes that stay fresh so that you don’t feel self-conscious. Clothes that actually do what we say they can do.

And the good news is that our range is expanding quickly. Keep an eye out for new products coming soon - dresses are next, but we won’t be stopping there. It’s all getting a little bit exciting …



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