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We are committed to UK and Ireland manufacturing, and source as many of our services locally as we possibly can.

Our friends at Make it British have been advocating on this issue now for some time, and it seems that the big business is finally starting to wake up and see the wisdom in this. The tragedy in Bangladesh earlier this year has focused minds on the sometimes dangerous conditions in which overseas workers are compelled to work, and a greater understanding of what outsourcing does to our own economy has pushed this issue to the fore.

So it has been great to see announcements from companies like Marks & Spencer, who have committed to making a range solely made in Britain. It’s a small start in a huge company, but hopefully their commitment will grow.

Last month, John Lewis also announced that they wanted to increase their goods made in Britain by 15% by 2015. The number of John Lewis suppliers in the UK has grown from 132 to 207 firms in the last year alone.

In the UK and Ireland, we have a great supply of talent and skill which will die out if we don’t invest. Let’s take pride in our manufacturing history and current potential and see how our economy will benefit.


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