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Normally, I am quite laid back about holidays. Packing gets done the night before, we head slowly to the ferry and gently relax into a trip away. Taking our car means that there is no limit – within reason – to the amount of stuff I can throw in and take with me. I normally end up taking enough clothes for three weeks (even though we usually go for ten days).

This year is different. We are flying long-haul for the first time in many years, and every kilo counts. I have been planning, packing, re-packing, re-thinking and generally driving my poor husband to distraction as he trips over my case for the umpteenth time this week. I think I have reverted to the excitement level I had when I took my first flight (which was decades, not years, ago).

My biggest challenge is what to wear while travelling.  You know the problem – you are heading somewhere warmer than here (not difficult, I hear you cry), so you don’t want to overdo it on the warm layers. But what about the plane? It’s usually much colder than I am comfortable with. This year, I’ll be taking my Attune ballet wrap – it’s light, warm and I can roll it down to a tiny ball to stuff it into my hand luggage while I am wandering round Terminal 5. Problem solved!!



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