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Many thanks to our guest bloggers for their wonderful contributions over the past few weeks.

While I was on holiday, I was challenged about my ideas of what it means to look good. I don’t mean while I was away, though the laid-back chic of the west coast of Canada certainly gave me plenty of ideas (and plenty of lovely shops to visit). No, my biggest revelation of the summer came on a daytrip to a local seaside town with my teenage daughter and her friend. 

The trip had been a pretty spontaneous one, and daughter isn’t known for her forward planning.  I think she assumed that she would be visiting the amusement park in the town, but the great weather, and some gentle nudging from her friend – who had come prepared - pushed her in the direction of a dip in the sea. Being the soft touch that I am, I offered to buy her a swimsuit if we could find a reasonable one. Strangely, in a town with three or four fabulous sandy beaches (yes, in one town – message me if you want a steer for a great summer holiday) we couldn’t find one that she could wear anywhere. And so the anxiety started.

She must have spent a good hour stressing over not finding the right thing to look good in – and what a waste of that glorious weather! It did make me think about what I have done to give the impression that we have to look good at all times? Yes, we all like to have clothes that flatter us (and that is why I work for Attune!). And wanting to look good is natural. But at the end of that anxious hour, it was wonderful to see my daughter finally throw the idea of “looking good” away and just charge into the sea in her shorts and t-shirt.

Sometimes it’s OK to not look good …


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