The Making: origins of the Black & Silks collection

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We are delighted to have launched our next Attune range: The Black & Silks collection.

Attune set out to bring lots of lots of colour to your wardrobe from our Liberty of London® inspired pastels debut collection, to our Giro d’Italia insipred pink Ts and our ivory, olive and cerise summer dresses.  These collections were semi-casual; versatile day wear that can be worn for work and leisure but always focusing on the comfort enhancing attributes if our  clever fabrics, natures gifts from bamboo or super eco fibre - Tencel°

We are delighted to have launched our next Attune range: The Black & Silks collection. Black & Silks sees the strides our design team has made in incorporating the conversations we have with our beloved clientele, as well as blending new innovative techniques and materials into the design process.

We’ve put together a list of what you can look forward to in this new collection:

1.       "Women who wear black lead colorful lives." —Neiman Marcus

This new range has stripped out the sherbet shades prevalent in the debut collection which was inspired by the hues, tints and tones in the pretty Liberty of London print. As the name gives away, Black & Silks is predominantly black with touches of speckled grey throughout. Timeless Black is a staple shade for modern women so it seemed practical that we represented this in our next line. A versatile colour, we have matched block blacks with subtle silk and satin-made mesh accents to deliver monochromatic and sophisticated styles.

2.       Flattering forms

Accentuating the female silhouette has always been at the heart of the Attune design and we haven’t diverted from this. With women wanting to invest in flexile fashion that can transition effortlessly from workwear to evening wear, we added in more chameleon dresses suitable for day and night. Black & Silks continues to exhibit our attraction to draped fabrics and relaxed fits, with cowl necks, elegant lapels and boyfriend fits all present.

3.       Smart Fashion

In typical Attune fashion, Black & Silks was created with the label’s signature features: luxurious comfort, breathability, and enduring elegance. Our portfolio has grown to balance enduring classic styles with modern design concepts, but we have continued to use botanical materials to keep the wearer feeling refreshed and confident in their own skin while wearing Attune.

For the next season, the Attune blog will explore the Black & Silks collection to help you get acquainted with our revitalized brand vision. We hope you enjoy the next chapter in this story.


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