Hot and Cold

cardigan and scoop neck top

We have specially prepared our jersey fabric to ensure that every Attune item is soft, sensory and all-day comfortable.

polo and ballet wrap

Moisture Control

When we heat up, we perspire - but how do we deal with that? Ideally, we would wear fabric which moves the moisture away from the body, ensuring we don't suffer chills from wearing clothes which are still damp when we cool down. And that is what we have set out to achieve at Attune. Our fabric offers a unique combination of the most desirable fibre characteristics - great temperature control along with exceptional absorbency. So moisture control is assured, keeping you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cold. 


We conducted our own wear trials as well.

Lab data is great, but we wanted to show you that we can take the science into real life situations, especially when buildings layers. A varied group of women in their thirties, forties and fifties were asked to trial our garments. The garments were worn for a total of 59 days and more than 220 hours, and the trialists' activities ranged from regular work, to 5km runs and strenuous gym workouts. The main goal of the trial was to determine moisture and temperature control and we received very positive feedback on the results, as well as on fit and comfort. If you would like more details on the results of our wear trial, please contact us at

ballet wrap detail

What you said

Quotes from Attune wearers

"Very comfortable. Fabric felt soft and luxurious close to skin."

"Technically high performing fabric."

"I found them cooler to wear and did not feel that I perspired as much."

"I got many compliments about the appearance of the garments, colour and style."