How it Works

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Discover the science and statistics behind TENCEL® (Source: TENCEL® - The New Age Fiber, Lenzing).

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Moisture Transport

TENCELĀ® is made from sustainably sourced wood pulp cellulose.

Its unparalleled wicking ability allows TENCEL® to absorb 50% more moisture than cotton, keeping you cool and comfortable. In contrast, synthetics like polyester don’t absorb moisture into the fibre.

Skin sensor

Dermatological studies show that smooth TENCELĀ® is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

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Naturally Hygienic

TENCEL®'s excellent moisture management characteristics promote a healthy and hygienic skin environment.  Laboratory studies have shown that TENCEL® fibre also naturally prevents the growth of bacteria within textiles better than other fibres – without the addition of chemical additives. TENCEL® is'naturally hygienic’