Why our Product?

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It looks good, drapes beautifully and feels amazing.

It looks good, drapes beautifully and feels amazing.

We conducted a considerable amount of research to identify the very best textiles for Attune. After exhaustive investigations we chose TENCEL® because it is smart as well as beautiful.

  • The challenge

    We set ourselves a daunting challenge. The fabric we used for our clothes had to excel in its appearance, its performance and its environmental credentials. 

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    The alternatives

    In our search we considered other alternatives. The blends we looked at didn't meet our high performance standards, either because of their looks, their quality or their sustainability. So the search turned to TENCEL®...

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    Specially spun to have a soft and drier feel, the fabric used in Attune is soft as silk and drapes beautifully. With low creasing performance and resilience, there's no better fabric for comfort and movement. If you are travelling, wearing from dawn 'til dusk, Attune’s fabric will keep you looking and feeling good throughout.

  • Natural & Eco-friendly

    TENCEL® is made from sustainable wood pulp and is 100% biodegradable – even the wood used comes from tree farms that practise sustainability. The production process is revolutionary, recovering up 99.5% of the solvent used. It was awarded the 'European Award for the Environment' by the European Union.  (http://www.lenzing.com/nc/en/concern/lenzing-group/sustainability/certificates-and-eco labels/awards.html?sword_list%5B%5D=environment)